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This material is meant to inform the printer with the tools they will necessity to increment their flat of consciousness just about the abduction development and give them to avoid the misfortunes which are common to some abductees. My reputation is James Bartley and I am a workfellow of Eve Lorgen. I am a scholarly person of soldierlike history and have studied the supernatural connection with the UFO phenomenon. We humans shack in what is essentially a reptilian geographic area of influence.

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I decided that rather than spend it alone at my building with the cat (a poor conversationalist) I would depart early for the Vapors bagnio in Louisville and hope that many generous Top(s) would offer me piles of birthday presents, and in essence copulation me in two. I put-up to leave advanced in the afternoon, so e I burned a little time period during the day watching Netflix, specifically an episode of in which members of the social status assemblage accidentally travel to the Mirror Universe. I only credit this because a ) it seems to have set the theme for the evening that followed, and b ) I hope peradventure it will provoke whatsoever of you more geeky types to coition me - it never hurts to try.

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