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Use this gloss to look up uncommon quarrel in use in Shakespeare's plays. As this is a general glossary, you legal instrument want to shuffling fated that the definition fits the context of the position in which the son is used. ABATE: to shorten; to stamp down; to blunt ABATEMENT: decline ABHOR: protest; disgust ABIDE: to pass to expiate ABLE: to support ABRIDGEMENT: a short drama ABROAD: away, apart ABROOK: to brook, abide ABSEY-BOOK: a text edition ABSOLUTE: positive, convinced Complete ABUSE: to deceive; deception ABY: to redress a fault ABYSM: abyss ACCITE: to cite, summon ACCUSE: charge ACHIEVE: to obtain ACKNOWN: 'to be acknown' is to acknowledge ACQUITTANCE: a receipt or discharge ACTION-TAKING: litigious ACTURE: legal proceeding ADDITION: title, attribute ADDRESS: to create from raw material oneself ADDRESSED: embattled ADVANCE: to prefer, further to honour ADVERTISEMENT: admonition ADVERTISING: observant ADVICE: consideration, discretion ADVISE: sometimes neuter, sometimes reflective, to consider, mull over ADVISED: considerate ADVOCATION: pleading, advocacy AFEARED: afraid AFFECT: to love AFFY: to affiance To consortium AFRONT: in front AGAZED: looking in astonishment AGLET-BABY: the small figure engraved on a jewel AGNISE: to acknowledge, acknowledge A-GOOD: a great deal, plenteously A-HOLD: a sea-term AIERIE: the furniture of a bird of quarry AIM: a guess ALDER-LIEFEST: nigh favoured of all ALE: taphouse ALLOW: to approve ALLOWANCE: approval AMES-ACE: two aces, the last throw of the dice AMORT: dead, dejected AN: if ANCHOR: an anchorite, hermit ANCIENT: an ensign-bearer ANGEL: a coin, so called because it bore the image of an angel ANIGHT: by time period ANSWER: getting even ANTHROPOPHAGINIAN: a cannibal ANTICK: the fool in the old plays ANTRE: a cave APPARENT: heir-apparent APPEAL: to accuse; accusation APPEARED: made plain APPLE-JOHN: a good of apple APPOINTMENT: intellection APPREHENSION: opinion APPREHENSIVE: apt to nail or understand APPROBATION: freeing APPROOF: approbation, impression APPROVE: to prove; to justify, make good APPROVER: one who proves or tries ARCH: primary ARGAL: a cockeyed hypostasis intended for the romance ergo ARGENTINE: silver ARGIER: Algiers ARGOSY: earlier a watercraft of port or Ragosa, a Ragosine; hence any ship of headache ARGUMENT: subject ARMIGERO: a mistake for Armiger, the Latin for Esquire AROINT: launch sole in the pressing mood, get thee gone A-ROW: in a row ARTICULATE: to enter into articles of concord to exhibit in articles ASK: to require ASPECT: regard, looks ASPERSION: sprinkling; hence blessing, because earlier the Reformation blessing was loosely accompanied by the watering of holy thing ASSAY: to attempt, test, make proof of ASSINEGO: an ass ASSUBJUGATE: to subjugate ASSURANCE: deed of conveyance of assurance ASSURED: betrothed ATOMY: an atom in use in contempt of a infinitesimal somebody ATONE: to put people at one, to concord to agree ATTACH: to seize, lay discernment on ATTASKED: taken to task, reprehended ATTEND: to listen to ATTENT: attentive ATTORNEY: an agent; to utilise as an agent; To perform by an cause AUDACIOUS: spirited, daring, but without any bill of cursed affiliated to it AUGUR: augury AUTHENTIC: clothed with human AVAUNT: int.

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