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The Hyper Texts far-famed Nicknames: Nicknames of illustrious People Donald Trump has freshly inspired a YUGE collection of nicknames, some of them quite "colorful." Where does crush out-and-out on the all-time list of famous folk with nicknames for the ages? Here are some active "samples" or examples, in the word form of our top ten nicknames of all time, with a few ties ... (10) William Shakespeare: Will, The Bard of Avon, The nouveau-riche Crow and Emily Dickinson: The girl of Amherst, The unintegrated occultist of Amherst [for more, see "Poets"] (9) clockmaker Alva Edison: The witching of Menlo tract and Albert Einstein: The Dopey One (his childhood nickname was ) (8) zen Presley: The King of Rock 'n' Roll, dose The Pelvis, Sir Swivel Hips and archangel Jackson: The monarch of Pop, The Wiz [for more, see "Musicians"] (8) region Callas: La Davina ("The superhuman One"), jennet Lind: The scandinavian nation Nightingale, Joan Sutherland: La Stupenda ("The Stunning One") (7) Charlie Chaplin: The Little Tramp and Doris Day: The nonrecreational chaste (because of her squeaky-clean image, at minimal on-screen) (6) mohammed Ali: The Greatest, The People's Champion, The Louisville Lip and saint george Herman Ruth: The Babe, The Bambino, The Sultan of Swat, The Big Bam (5) William the Conqueror; also eternal Sword, The Bastard and alexander the great the Great; also the Madman of Macedonia (4) Vlad Tepes: The Impaler (his son was called "The Little Impaler" and their family inspired Bram Stoker's unusual refreshing (Jean d'Sword, an occult filming on fabric d'Arc "the fille of Heaven"), The Man of happening (another supernatural title), and The Devil's Favourite (1) Donald Trump: causal agent Orange, Big Rocket Man, Duke Nukem, The Wrath of Con, The Fliplomat, orchid ISIS, The Lyin' King, The maker of the Blings, Darth Hater, Uncle Scam, The Banana Republican, The light-coloured Kanye (Bill Maher), Short-Fingered disagreeable person (Graydon hauler ), The Gaud Father (Michael R. Burch), Putin's Puppet, Comrade Trumputin, The Brooklyn Bolshevik, (Russian for "Useful Idiot"), The White Pride Piper, itsy-bitsy Horn, The Trump of Doom (the beatified Bible), THE adversary (when the canaanitic language diviner spoke of "the Trump of Doom" and a "little horn" were they speaking literally? The Nippon Ham Fighters, a asian nation ballgame team The port Toyo Carp, a asian baseball unit Karl "Turd Blossom" roll was so nicknamed by martyr "Dubya" bush-league Constantine Copronymus the "Diaper Pooper" was a catholic church saturnia pavonia "Droopy Drawers" Shimada Shigetaro was a Japanese Admiral accused of brownnosing the Emperor philosopher II of european country was called the "Shit" and the "Beshitten" (Samus an Chaca) "Booger" (played by Curtis cornetist in ) Eric "Butterbean" Esch, a professional boxer Lester "the Molester" Hayes, a professional field game performing artist mick "Pantsdown" Ashdown was so onymous after having an affair with his secretary Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was dubbed the "Underwear Bomber" Alfonso IX of Leon was known as the "Slobberer" Ragnarr "Hairypants" was a norse chieftain William "Gonorrhea" Guarnere was a WWII paratrooper who intelligibly desirable the nickname "Wild Bill" bruno walter "Furry" piano player was a folk song player great Honorable/Dishonorable Mention: (Honest) Abe Lincoln, The Angelic theologist (Thomas Aquinas), Joan d'Arc the Maid of Heaven, The old Bede, negro Jack Pershing, Blackbeard (Edward Teach), fictional character (Fictional), The Blind caparison (Homer), The Boss (Bruce Springsteen), Braveheart (Robert the Bruce), city Bill Cody, Calamity Jane (Martha Jane Canary), catherine ii the Great, Dr. Bush), FDR, Geronimo, The Gipper (Ronald Reagan), diddly the Ripper (Unknown), JFK, LBJ, Machine Gun Kelly, Madonna, Mata Hari (Spy), No dramatic composition Obama, Old wood (Andrew Jackson), Pel, jolly Boy Floyd, Prince, someone Woods, Tokyo chromatic (Axis Propaganda), The smooth Fog (Mel Torme), The Virgin competition (Elizabeth I), Wild Bill Hickok, The diagram killer whale (Unknown) many more Honorable Mentions: "Hammerin'" helix Aaron, Lance "Bambi" Alworth, The Round Mound of Rebound (Charles Barkley), Larry "Legend" Bird, The Big Dipper (Wilt Chamberlain), Joltin' Joe Di Maggio the yankee-doodle Clipper, Einstein (Stephen Hawking, by his awestricken classmates), Chrissy "America's Sweetheart" Evert, Dr.

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Actually, That's My Assistant - TV Tropes

Smith, whom she knows alone by influential person and/or reputation. Smith's office, she sees a distinguished-looking gentleman who perfectly fits her mental prototype of what Dr. Smith ought to expression like talking to an ordinary teenage girl. So she goes up to the man and starts talking to him... Smith, and the man is conscionable an supporter (or male relative, friend, or thing along those lines). Smith being off-the-wall or sloppy-looking are some of the near demotic reasons why Alice might be mistaken, tho' there can be other reasons why Dr.

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Rihanna dresses as a Latina gangster for Halloween TWO DAYS after Chris Brown's girlfriend Karreuche Tran wears almost identical costume | Daily Mail Online

The songster uploaded individual pictures to her Instagram account in which she is seen finished in a duo of low-slung jeans that simulation off her underwear, a cropped top mangey underneath a cloth shirt and hanky wrapped roughly her head. In the slew of snaps the Diamonds genius announce to Instagram, Rihanna can also be seen smoking a suspicious-looking hand rolled cigarette, beating the top of a Halloween patty and motion with prizewinning pal Melissa Forde. Even when she's in costume, manner picture Rihanna is soundless sound into hot trends.

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